In SO22 we offer you opinion rooms in Madrid. Located right in the heart of the capital, Barrio Salamanca, we offer you a singular and relaxed space with the aim of promoting productivity. In SO22 we have 5 independent studios, opinion rooms that will greatly exceed your expectations.

Designed for a complete experience, our opinion rooms in Madrid fit your needs, as our priority is to provide a proper environment equipped with the necessary tools, including high quality viewing equipment.

SO22: Opinion rooms in Barcelona

In SO22 we offer you a creative space with plenty of possibilities. Our opinion rooms in Barcelona are very eclectic. Its relaxed and cozy environment promotes creativity and productivity. To give you an idea, our Studio 2 is a polyvalent space were up to 18 people can fit. It is composed of three rooms, one for respondents and two for clients (up to 8 people per room in these last ones), they have a projector and a screen hidden in the ceiling and a professional audio-visual system. A room prepared for viewing and watching market research or focus groups.

Do you need an opinion room in Madrid? Trust a different and innovating alternative, SO22 is your company right in Barrio Salamanca, a well connected neighbourhood and one of the best areas of the capital. We invite you to meet us, we are in Claudio Coello Street. Work in a professional and efficient environment which inspires professionalism.

Different viewing options and different research scenarios. Five comfortable studios created in a unitary way to satisfy each client’s needs. In SO22 you will even find a complete kitchen with a one-way, soundproof mirror.

Opinion rooms in Barcelona to achieve the best results in your projects. Book the studio that best fits your professional requirements. You will only find the best services with the latest technological innovations and with a staff at your complete disposal in SO22.

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